The Ach Gadol Non-Profit Organization for the Lone Soldiers

The “Ach Gadol” non-profit organization is a unique social initiation by hundreds of volunteers, released lone soldiers, that through their values of Zionism, giving back, family, and Israeli with all its diversity, believe that they have the power to give the new immigrants and lone soldiers of today a personal connection, someone who has been through the same things and knows with what they need help.

Because of a sense of belonging and responsibility towards the social future of Israel, we have decided to take a stand and initiate an absorption system throughout all of Israel that would allow for the new immigrant who is in Israel alone, to receive support, training, and tools to handle the different challenges of daily life. Our volunteers understand all these needs and the soldiers’ situation.

These volunteers are called “Big Brother” or “Big Sister”

Integrating into Israeli Society

Special Preparatory classes for new immigrants.

The Alumni association of “Big Brother”

Consultation during the army service

Personal consultation for hundreds of lone soldiers

Consultation for soldiers in “Together for the Soldiers” housing

Workshops for soldiers all over Israel

Preparation before enlistment to the IDF

Workshops and seminars before enlistment

New immigrants in programs like Selah, Naaleh

Youth at risk 




Lone soldiers








Years Active

התגייסו למען החיילים הבודדים